Refrigexadores de ciclo Stirling

Fonte: Global Cooling

Global Cooling’s technology is based on the Stirling cycle. Our Stirling coolers operate by cyclically expanding and compressing the helium working fluid. The cooler is an energy efficient, environmentally friendly technology that allows Global Cooling to produce reliable, long-lived, and extremely quiet cooling equipment. Global Cooling’s Stirling cooler is a free-piston machine driven by a linear motor. The cooler does not use any life limiting bearings and seals, or oil, and the moving components are supported by non-contact gas bearings. These coolers may be used to cool by direct contact to the cold head or by transferring the heat using a thermosiphon or heat pipe.

Fonte: Twinbird
Twinbird Corporation is producing a compact FPSC (Free Piston Stirling Cooler) after technical introduction by and ongoing collaboration with Global Cooling BV (The Netherlands, Research Center in Athens Ohio, USA; Principal Dr. David Berchowitz).
The FPSC is a Stirling heat pump that uses a small amount of helium gas as a heat transport medium, instead of standard refrigerants.

Fuente: Supower
Sunpower specializes in the development of Stirling engines, coolers, cryocoolers and compressors integrated into environmentally friendly, long-lived and high efficiency solutions. Applications include  refrigeration cogeneration units, portable electric generators, medical devices, and nuclear material detection devices.

Información adicional: Free-piston Stirling Machine Commercialization Status at Sunpower

Helio - el elemento especial
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